Little Girl Sets Butterfly Free, Immediately Regrets It Because Nature's A Dick

*shakes fist at sky* BIRDS!

If there's one piece of irrefutable evidence to show that Disney movies are fucking up kids, it's the simple fact that most children think nature's a wonderful, harmonius, lovely and not-at-all-brutal thing. I can remember watching The Lion King as a boy and thinking, "wow, I wish I had a pet lion, they seem so cool!"


Thankfully, everyone's favourite grandpa David Attenborough set the record straight, and showed me and millions of others that the only thing a lion would think was cool about me was how my face tasted.

And today, another young one gets to learn that the animal kingdom's not all it's cracked up to be... butterfly style!

Having caught some adorable flutterbees in her net, this little girl just wants her lovely, delicate prisoners to go home, and "go to [their] babies". Mother nature had another idea.

That'll teach you for thinking the universe was anything other than chaotic neutral.

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