Little Girl Tries To Outsmart Parents With Adorably Stupid Note

Totally foolproof.

Kids are stupid. This much we know.

Whether they're attempting to dress themselves for the first time or playing hide and seek, we can rely on them to be complete morons, often for the sake of our entertainment. Except this one little girl, who came close to actually outsmarting her parents. 

Lol jk, she's a complete dope.

"Dear Wife what Did you get Lily for a surprise again. I forgot. Please Reply here _", she wrote, hoping to, we presume, find out what her parents had bought her as a surprise. 

It's cute, sure. But cute will get you nowhere. You can't rely on that all your life - just look at Kim Kardashian. Come back to us when you've got a real job. Then you can buy your own surprises.

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