Live Your Life Like This Man Trying To Take The Bins Out On Ice


Up until now, we've only had Minion memes to inspire us. When we stared our ludicrous dreams in the face and wept, "How am I going to accomplish this?", all we had as encouragement was Kevin the Minion's phallic yellow body next to a Curlz MT quote by Abraham Lincoln. 

It was not enough. It was never enough. The lack of truly inspiring material on the internet is the real reason for our failures. Until now.

Now, a man from the Netherlands has managed to take the trash out - whilst it was icy. 

Some may laugh as he slips and slides on his quest to greatness, but not us. Nay, not us. We applaud him. We salute him. We want to be him. 

Truly, a greater man has never lived.