Local News Covers Naked Restaurant, Waitress Covers Absolutely Nothing

She showed them the menu, and what she had for breakfast.

You'd think, as an experienced local news channel, that in deciding to cover a story about a naked restaurant, where all the staff are naked, and all the guests are naked, that some people would turn up very naked. You would think.

But  in what to be one of the funniest TV news fails of all time, New Zealand current affairs show Story underestimated the innate exhibitionism of its good people. They filmed a waitress stepping out to reveal what was on the menu - and she showed them what she had for breakfast too.

As the lady shimmied past very, very bottomless, male presenter Lachlan Forsyth gasped: ‘Did you see that? Whoops.’

The channel later apologised for the somehow-unexpected flash: ‘If you saw last night’s show we’d like to say we’re very sorry the shot in the broadcast from the Hamilton cafe revealed more than we intended,’ said Duncan Garner, while Heather du Plessis-Allan looked on. Too late, though, because internet:

Uh oh

It gets worse

And a tiny bit better, at least

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