Louis Tomlinson's Old Bebo Photos Remind Us All That There Is Hope

me posing lol.jpg

"There is always hope," said Aragorn to Haleth, son of Háma before the Battle of Helm's Deep. He was, of course, referring to Louis Tomlinson's old Bebo photos - which prove that no matter what you look like, or how many photos you title "me posing lol.jpg", you too can become a multimillionaire heart-throb. 

The photos were unearthed by the larryamour Tumblr page after Louis' Bebo was deleted recently. 

They teach us a lot. Like, even if you're stupid enough to wear sunglasses indoors? POTENITAL MILLIONAIRE.

Like to pose by yer mam's laundry pile? POTENTIAL MILLIONAIRE.

Love trees? That's right. You guessed it. MONEY'S COMING YOUR WAY. 

Side note: who dis? Cus if we were that girl, this would be our profile picture forever, not just on Bebo. 

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