Magical Glitter Unicorns Have Been Spotted All Around London

Even their farts sparkle.

It's a Halloween MIRACLE - unicorns do exist! :D

If you were in London last week you might have spotted a couple of stunning white creatures with pastel manes and sparkly hooves trotting around the capital, spreading joy to all who saw them.

A lucky few (including us, yay!) got the chance to hail down their rainbow carriage, waving regally to passers by while wondering what the could have possibly done in their pathetic lives to deserve such a treat.

Part of a #MagicTogether campaign set up by the mobile network Three and ZTE, the event hoped to add a little sparkle to otherwise grim commutes - and damn, did it deliver.

Look at the JOY



The best way to get to work @blaisemia 🦄🦄 #unicorncab #magictogether #unicorns #sparkleparty #sparkles #love

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Best. Day. Ever.

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