Malcolm In The Middle Writers Planned Episodes With Game Called "What Won't Bryan Do?"

It all makes SO much sense now.

Stunts carried out by Bryan Cranston on the Malcolm In The Middle set: wearing a suit of live BEES, roller disco skating, cartwheeling and running around in his tighty whiteys. To name a few.

We know him to be a super funny physical actor, but recently we got thinking: how did all these crazy tasks come to pass?!

A little digging taught us that a game called 'What Won't Bryan Do?" informed many episodes' plotlines - but stopped after a particularly dodgy stunt.

An interview by GQ's Brett Martin explained:

"The writers on the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle used to play a game in which they invented increasingly violent, absurd, and physically humiliating stunts for Cranston’s character, Hal, to enact. They called it “What won’t Bryan do?” When the game culminated in Hal covered by thousands of live bees, with no protest from Cranston forthcoming, it was deemed unwise to continue.

Instead, a second, corollary game sprang up: “What can’t Bryan do?” Here, too, the writers’ imaginative powers proved inadequate to the task, whether the challenge was roller-dancing or using his body as an enormous nude paintbrush."

So there you have it, folks. Bryan's enthusiasm for the weird and wonderful actually ended up moulding his character!

Speaking to, Cranston said of his skating abilities:

"I did most of it. There were just two parts that I didn’t do, which is when I left my feet. There was a cartwheel and a handstand, which I did not do, but everything else I did. It was fun we had a week and a half to learn the routine and start skating. It’s fantastic what you can do with practice."

You can do anything you put your mind to, folks. But you probably shouldn't do the bee thing.

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