Could Malcolm In The Middle Be Coming Back?

Bry Cran thinks it might...

Malcolm In The Middle, everyone's favourite dysfunctional family headed by a notorious chemistry-teacher-turned-druglord, could be coming back, according to ex-star-turned-superstar-actor Bryan Cranston.

Since the show ended a decade, Bryan's found himself with a lot of spare time (though he's soon to play Zordon in the Power Rangers reboot) and is increasingly warming to the idea of a MITM reunion. When asked about whether he'd like to see that happen, he flirted:

"I sure hope so... I really do, for no other reason than that I miss those people like crazy... There's a possibility we want to start talking about the possibility of putting together a story that makes sense about that family 10 years or 12 years later". 

We have a couple of questions about how this might work: how creepy will it be with the kids all grown-up? Will Malcolm still be in the middle? Will Dewy have changed AT ALL?

Only time will tell, but Frankie might be up for it too, it seems:

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