Malcolm In The Middle Would Be A Totally Different Show In 2k18

Updates are needed.

Malcolm In The Middle is a classic. 

It's funny to think the show first aired in the year 2000... 

But when we take some time to look back, it's evident that some storylines were a bit weird. 

20th Television


Malcolm In The Middle's wacky narratives were to be taken with a pinch of salt (remember when Lois locked Frances out of the house for DAYS without food and shelter?!), but it's fair to say some of them have not aged well.

Like the 'gay conversion church' episode where that girl from the pageant takes Francis for some lessons from the pastor re. what is considered 'acceptable behaviour'. And he just sits there. Watching. 

*Actual physical wince* 

Moving swiftly on...

20th Television.

We like to think nowadays, the series could maintain its humour through more relatable (and less awful) quips. 

Francis could do 'Veganuary' and fail, or tackle some ignorant bloke who's 'not racist, but just doesn't like 'em' perhaps? 

In 2k18, it's time to start pointing the finger and laughing at the idiots with opinions from the Middle Ages. 

Only good satire is satire worth sitting through. *Sips tea* 

Also, you don't meet many kids called Malcolm these days. Everyone call your child Malcolm. 


Here's What The Characters From Malcolm In The Middle Look Like Now:

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