Man Brilliantly Photoshops Pet Dog To Be As Big As It Thinks It Is

Sausage dogs will rule the world...

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times - the problem with cute dogs is that they're too damn small! Think about it, an animal's cuteness is in DIRECT relation to its size.

Kittens? Adorable! Blue whales? Impressive. Hedgehogs? Precious little angels. T-Rex? Pretty terrifying tbh. Dachshunds? Incredible, just phenomenal beasts (if a little too small). 


But what if you could blow up a dachshund? No, not in a nasty, stick it in a microwave sort of way, but in a lovely, cute, cuddly 'hey, imagine if this tiny dog were the size of a rhino', sort of way... Well, you're in luck, because this guy already went and answered your damn prayers. 

Here's what happens if dachshunds were as big as they deserve to be: