Man Recreates Tian Tian The Panda's Snow Day And We're Insanely Jealous

There snow business like snow business.

By now, you'll have seen Tian Tian the panda's snow day. The Smithsonian National Zoo's adorable video went viral over the weekend because, well because, SNOW AND PANDAS.

In case you were too busy crying with joy to see it properly the first time, here it is again in all it's glory. 

Some laughed, some cried, but Jeffrey Perez, a wild animal in the zoo of life, was inspired.

Perez donned a panda suit, jumped outside, and challenged Tian Tian to a snow battle. 

Although it's pretty obvious who the real winner is (us, we're staying warm inside), we admire Perez's attempts at total panda-monium.