Margot Robbie Mistook Prince Harry For Ed Sheeran At A Party

For shame.

This is Prince Harry. 


Nice enough man, if you like them extremely wealthy and ginger.

This is Ed Sheeran.


Same goes, if you want them slightly poorer for some reason.

They're similar looking boys if you have really bad eyesight, sure, but they're also both worldly famous. And one's a FREAKING PRINCE.

None of this matters to Margot Robbie, though, who admitted on The Tonight Show that she once mistook Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran.

She followed the prince into a photobooth at Suki Waterhouse's party. 

"He wasn't wearing a crown though, like I don't know it's a prince," she told Jimmy Fallon as an excuse or having no idea who the chap was.

"When I saw him in those glasses I was like 'Omg I didn't know Ed Sheeran was at the party'." Apparently, this offended Harry, which y'know, fair enough.

An important lesson for us all.