Marshmallows Placed In A Vacuum Will Blow Your Mind

Delicious fluffy goodness

Everyone loves marshmallows... those beautiful pillows of sugary cloud.

And what's better than a standard marshmallow? A marshmallow placed in a vacuum and doubled in size, that's what.

Curious life hack expert CrazyRussianHacker did just that and filmed the results. It is a beautiful and wonderous thing to behold.

"How does this happen?!" we hear you shout. 

Marshmallows have bubbles of air inside them. When the air inside the container is sucked out, the volume of the container remains the same although there is less air inside – so pressure is reduced.

The air bubbles inside the marshmallows are therefore at a much higher pressure than the air surrounding the marshmallows, so those bubbles push outwards, and the marshmallows expand.

When air is let back into the container, the surrounding pressure increases again, and the marshmallows deflate back to their normal size.

But as far as we're concerned, it happens by magic.

The full marshmallow experiment can be watched below but if that's not enough to amaze you, this is what happens when you mix Coke and bleach (it is terrifying).

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