Marv From Home Alone Just Recreated THAT Spider Scene


Who could forget THAT tarantula scene in Home Alone? 

Kevin McCallister's abandoned by his family over the Christmas holidays, and two wiley burglars come to take him for everything he has. But the scrappy kid is way cheekier than they bargained for and total chaos ensues - not least when Macaulay Culkin's character drops a giant tarantula on Daniel Stern AKA Marv's face.

20th Century Fox

If you watch Workaholics (awesome show, do it people), you'll have seen Stern on screen quite recently. But for many, this awesome YouTube video is the first time they've seen the actor since his days of stepping on broken Christmas tree baubles and falling down stairs.

20th Century Fox

Now, *26 years on*, Daniel Stern has uploaded a video to YouTube with him trapping a spider very similar to the one in the movie - and for our benefit, he lets out a scream to rival his original. Check it out in all its glory:

Fun fact: when filming that scene, he only allowed ONE take with the real spider - but had to scream silently and have the noise dubbed in later, so as not to frighten the animal. That's showbizniz.

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