Matt Le Blanc And Tinie Tempah Just Became Best Buds And We're Dying, We're Dying, We're Dead

"My co -driver for a few days"

Move over Ross, Joey's got a new best friend (and likely, nap partner), and it's none other than Tinie frickin' Tempah.

That's right, the new Top Gear host just revealed he's been 'goin' low' (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!? SOMEONE TELL US) with East London lovely Tinie Tempah in South Africa, via the modern medium of all that is holy and true - Twitter. This is like the time Courteney Cox inexplicably hung out with the Kardashian clan and Kanye, BUT BETTER.

And before all you nay-sayers shout, "But a rap star and a 90s sitcom legend can't possibly be pals! We're only just getting over the fact that there's photographic evidence Matt Le Blanc would choose to hang out with someone as lowly as Chris Evans!", we have proof. Tinie retweeted it. We still have no idea what they're doing there, together, but we do know we're so excited we may vomit. 

So there you have it, folks. One minute you're keeping clothes at your Aunt's house, next you're putting your pedal to the metal with a man who made countless millions saying 'How you doin'?' over the course of 20 years. Life, eh? 

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