Matt Le Blanc Just Got Married In Blackpool And We're All Sorts Of Confused

"Was that OK?" "I liked it".

Stop screaming, guys, stop screaming. Matt Le Blanc got married in Blackpool this week (WE SAID STOP SCREAMING) in honour of his new show Top Gear - and who to?

Chris Evans. Nowwww you've stopped, eh? Yes, the ginger bloke he's rumoured to have had a bust-up with during the filming of Top Gear. In Blackpool. In a kagoul. In a Top Gear trailer. WE TROLLED YOU, OK?

The clip soon cuts to sunnier times, showing the presenters with celeb guests including Tinie Tempah, Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri, and Seasick Steve in as far-flung locations like Morocco. But enough of our jabbering, watch the whole damn thing here.

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