Matt Le Blanc Promises To Bring The Friends Lols To Top Gear

"I've been pitching jokes in the car ."

It's been 12 years since a new Friends episode made you lol, so the fact that 1/6 of those lol-makers is returning to the small screen NEXT SUNDAY is kind of a Big Deal.

It's this one, in the new Top Gear, in case you live on the moon (come back, Friends is finished there too):

"I think my job has been to bring more comedy to it overall," Matt LeBlanc told the Wall Street Journal.



"I've been pitching jokes in the car and trying to make it funnier whenever I can."

Oh. Cool!

He talked about the difference between driving in the UK and the US:

"You’ve been driving in the U.K a lot recently. What are the differences between American and British drivers? Everything is a little wider, a little bigger in America. I think there tends to be a little more precision in British drivers, because there’s less margin for error. You know, if you go offline, you’re going to hit that thousand-year-old church. Don’t do that. We don’t really have that in the States.

And he chatted about a FEW of the vehicles he's got back home:

"Mostly Porsches. I have a Mercedes SUV as well, but mostly Porsches. I have a [Porsche] GT2 RS at my house. It’s basically a race car with a license plate on it. That’s a pretty cool car." God help us. Imagine being able to answer an interview question like that. IMAGINE. Catch the all-new Top Gear on next Sunday 29th, on a channel that isn't Comedy Central so we won't mention that here. Bye!

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