Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans’ Twitter Bickering Is Relationship Goals


Yesterday Matt LeBlanc revealed he was no longer stuck in second gear when he announced he was going to be the new Top Gear host. After we'd all suitably freaked out, Matt began tweeting with his co-host Chris Evans AND IT WAS ADORABLE, HE IS ADORABLE, TOP GEAR IS SOMEHOW NOW ADORABLE. 

It all started when Chris tweeted to Matt that he was late for a production meeting:

Matt shot back with... oh, err, the revelation he was on a bus. (Side note: MATT LEBLANC WAS ON A LONDON BUS? WHY WAS HE ON A BUS AND HOW DID NO ONE NOTICE? TAKE MORE BUSSES EVERYONE). 

A full hour and a half later, Chris revealed they were still waiting for Matt, who was struggling with the concept of busses. 

Aren't they adorable? Don't you want to be them? We'll never know how this adventure ended, however, as Matt's latest tweet is a picture of him reading a book about 'the madness and genius of Top Gear'. It's possible he's still on the bus.