Matt LeBlanc Has Confirmed That The Joey-Chandler Bromance Will Never Die

Never, ever, ever.

If you liked the bromantic relationship between Joey and Chandler, you'll love this news.

Matt LeBlanc, hitting the promotional trail for his new show Man With a Plan, was unsurprisingly slammed with a bunch of questions about Friends instead of whatever this new thing is.

One (very important question) from the audience was whether he had seen Matthew Perry, who now stars in The Odd Couple on the same network.

LeBlanc told Deadspin: “I saw him yesterday,” because his series is shot only one stage away. “He’s great. I love that guy."


But there's more.

When he was asked if they were close, LeBlanc said that if he didn't see Perry for five years and was put in a room with him, it would be “like I saw him yesterday. We have a shorthand. Ten years in a building with no windows and the door locked, we got to know each other pretty well.”

This love will never die, and we couldn't be happier.

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