Turns Out Matt LeBlanc Has TWO New Jobs And We Cannot Contain Ourselves

It's about friends! Kind of!

After the news broke that Matt LeBlanc will host the next series of Top Gear, we were excited. But an further development revealed today is certified spit-on-your-neck-kick-you-in-the-crotch-fantastic. He's just landed a lead role in a new sitcom!


LeBlanc is to star in a US sitcom pilot, prompting questions about how he might juggle his commitments on either side of the Atlantic if both his new shows take off. LET THE MAN BE, PEOPLE, HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING.

He will appear in AND executive produce a pilot for new American show I’m Not Your Friend (omgggggg, it totally has the word 'friend' in the title...).

Variety has reported that the sitcom is about the trials and tribulations of parenting and is written by That '70s Show creators Jeff and Jackie Filgo. It follows Matt's character, a contractor who discovers that raising kids is more difficult than he thought, after his wife goes back to work.

If this new sitcom takes off, he will be doing a whole lot of commuting from the US to the UK. Which means your chances of spotting him on a London bus have just gone up (maybe).