Matt LeBlanc Is Not Keen On A Reboot Called 'Old Friends'

"Personally? I don't think so."

Since a fan mock up of a Friends movie went viral in January, the internet's abuzz with reunion rumours - and can't stop asking the cast members if they'd be up for it.

First Lisa Kudrow AKA Phoebe told Conan O'Brien she doesn't "see [a reunion] happening," then David Schwimmer said he didn't want to play Ross old. Now Matt LeBlanc's poo-pooing the idea AGAIN, recently appearing on Steve Harvey's talk show.

The 50-year-old Man With a Plan actor just knows it wouldn't be the same:

"Like, Old Friends? Personally, I don't think so," said LeBlanc. "I've talked to the writers about it. That show was about a very finite period in your life, between 20 and 30, when you're out of school but your life hadn't really started yet and your friends are your family, and you're kind of finding your way. When that period is over, it's over."

"All the characters have gone their separate ways," he added. "I always have this standard go-to joke when people say, 'We want to see what Joey's doing now.' Nobody wants to see Joey at his colonoscopy! Nobody wants to see that."

We get it, and yetttttttttttttt... WE STILL WANT TO SEE IT, OK?!

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