Matt LeBlanc Made A Joke About Emilia Clarke At The Emmys And It Did Not Go Down Well

Probably shouldn't have said that, Matt.

Joey Tribbiani, AKA Matt LeBlanc, hit up the Emmys this weekend. But things didn't go too smoothly for the Friends/Episodes/Top Gear star.

LeBlanc was being interviewed by E! at the same time as Emilia Clarke (AKA Khaleesi, AKA your BFF), so the channel decided to patch them in on a split screen so that they could talk to each other. This (kind of) reunited the stars, who first met on The Graham Norton Show earlier this year.

Clarke said that she was "definitely the fan" in their first meeting, so the hosts went to LeBlanc to see if he was a Game of Thrones fan.

"Yeah, I saw the first season, and I kind of fell out of touch with it," he said. "I guess that's when she started getting naked, so I need to catch up."

While on camera everyone smiled awkwardly, Twitter went the other way.

It's hard to say what's going on, since their meeting on The Graham Norton Show did include a discussion of nudity in Game of Thrones and Norton suggested that LeBlanc should catch up.

But it may have been safer not to mention that this time. 😬

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