Matt LeBlanc Might Have Saved Top Gear With An Actually Funny Brexit Joke

He'll be there for Top Gear (when the rain starts to pour)

There are certain things we're destined to only see once in a lifetime. Witnessing the intergalactic majesty of Halley's Comet. Watching England win an international football tournament. Hearing a politician actually apologise for once in their fucking lives (there's still time, Nigel).

But there are also times when the universe confounds our expectations. Moments when the odds are so monumentally, astronomically stacked against a decent outcome, that they are willed into being by a collective sense of disbelief. Top Gear being alright again is one of them.

Yes, Top Gear. Once your dad's favourite show to watch after correctly carving a roast or doing some weeding or whatever the hell it is dads actually do on a Sunday other than complain about immigration, now a national laughing stock since the departure of enfants terrible, Clarkson, Hammond and May.

At times, the new Top Gear seems like a neutered ball of crowd-pleasing guff, presented with the collective charisma of a damp sock, haunted dolls willing themselves and a nation to care how fast the next obnoxious hunk of metal can really go. But, thanks to super-mega-babe-who-can-do-no-wrong Matt LeBlanc, we may have just witnessed the first signs of life...

Obviously, Twitter went fucking mental.



Well, as mental as you can really get for Top Gear. Here's hoping this leads to better, bolder, and brighter things for the Top Gear team. And good on ya, Matty boy! We always believed in you! Now, get Monica along, will ya?

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