Matthew Perry Is Excited About Matt LeBlanc's Top Gear Gig And It's Adorable

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Is there anything cuter than seeing a former Friends star support another cast member? Definitely not. 

Appearing on Alan Carr's Chatty Man, Matthew Perry was questioned on his thoughts about Matt LeBlanc's upcoming appearence on Top Gear and told Alan he has no doubt that Matt will be "great" alongside co-presenter Chris Evans. From the release of the first brilliant images of Matt on Top Gear, we're not surprised!

Despite not having spoken to him since he booked the gig, he was confident in Matt's abilities."It's a very exciting job for him because he loves cars," he said. Matthew Perry also seemed utterly disaffected by the news that LeBlanc has found a new friend in none other than Tinie Tempah...he better not be trying to tear the Matts apart!

Alan also questioned Perry on LeBlanc's temper towards the producers of Friends, referring to Jeremy Clarkson's incident which got him kicked off the show.

"He was wonderful," he said. Matt is one of the nicest, funniest guys in the world."

Awww. We can't wait to see Matt in action!

Matt LeBlanc isn't the only one strutting his stuff around London town! Matthew Perry is currently starring in his show The End of Longing. We went to see it and it is AWESOME.

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