Matthew Perry Is Now A Radio Presenter And He's Going To Answer YOUR Questions On Air

He's not blah, he's a hoot!

Matthew Perry is spoiling us.

We already went to see his West End play, and we corrected all the bullshit headlines about him, and noticed that he owns a stupid amount of flowers... but now, NOW HE'S GOING TO BE A RADIO DJ. 

Perry will have his own show on Magic FM from 1-3pm for the next couple of Saturdays.

The station says he'll play his favourite tracks, share some heartwarming stories, AND answer questions from fans - which you can ask here. GO! GO! GO! 


With Matt LeBlanc also in England for Top Gear (you can watch the trailer here), we're almost certain Monica, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe will have to pop along soon. Give them all radio shows, NOW.

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