"I Feel Doubly Naked On Stage", Matthew Perry Opens Up About New Play

Even though he's wearing two hats.

Chandler Bing, sorry, sorry, Matthew Perry, has finally revealed more details about the play that's causing him to miss the Friends reunion. 

Perry wrote and is starring in The End Of Longing, which opens in the West End next month. You know, next month. The month of THE FREAKING FRIENDS REUNION. 

Comedy Central

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Perry said: “The rehearsal process has been really interesting because I have had to stay open as the playwright, but also as an actor, so I’m sort of wearing two hats. 

“They say as an actor you’re on stage and you’re naked, but as a playwright, you also feel naked, so I do feel doubly naked a lot of the time.”

That's great and all, good for you, Chandler, but you're not actually naked, are you? And you're not actually wearing two hats. These metaphors are misleading.

Speaking of misleading, what about that title? You're not ending our longing, Mr Bing. We want you at the Friends reunion. WE'RE LONGING FOR YOU MORE THAN EVER.