Matthew Perry Stole Monica's Cookie Jar For Lisa Kudrow When Friends Ended

Lisa Kudrow reveals their hilarious inside joke!

Ever wondered if the Friends cast took home any of the iconic props from Monica's aprtment, Joey and Chandler's place, or Central Perk once filming ended in 2004?

We can now confirm that Monica's cookie jar sits in Phoebe AKA Lisa Kudrow's house as one of her prized possessions!

Warner bros

Lisa tells the story of how her beloved co-star Matthew Perry stole this iconic item for her after the finale. HOW CUTE! She explained:

"Matthew Perry gave me a gift... it's the most cherished. It's this cookie jar that was in Monica and Rachel's apartment, and there's a clock face on it. He gave it to me because... I had a scene where I was supposed to say, 'Ooh, look at the time, I gotta go!' 

"Well, I wasn't wearing a watch. Cos we'd rehearsed it but no one thought about it. As we were shooting, and the audience was there... it was coming up and I was like uh oh, I'm about to say 'look at the time', I don't see a watch... there's no clock anywhere...

So I point to the cookie jar and say 'Look at the time, I gotta go! So afterwards Matthew Perry went, 'Did you point to the cookie jar and say 'look at the time'?! It was the dumbest fix, so lame... and then David Crane came over and said 'what are you looking at?'!" 

"It was so stupid of me... that's my fix!" 

"He asked Warner Bros, he got special permission and he gave that to me."

See you around, we're gonna go cry into our boring, regular old cookie jar now. Come back, Friends!

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