Matthew Perry Stole Chandler Role From His Actor Friends And We're Shocked Too

He was quite literally born to be Chandler.

We couldn't imagine anyone other than Matthew Perry playing the role of Chandler Bing.

Sometimes we wonder how he played him SO well. But it turns out he wasn't entirely acting. In fact, Chandler and Matthew were practically the same person.


When the Friends auditions were taking place, Matthew was busy with "a terrible TV show about baggage handlers in the year 2197", the actor told Graham Norton in a past interview.

Instead of auditioning himself, he helped friends with *their* auditions - and quickly realised this new character named Chandler was very similar to him. Like, identical. 

He started telling his friends EXACTLY how they should play the part - but it quickly became obvious the job should be be HIS, not theirs.

Warner Bros.

"Let me just do this for you, just imitate what I'm doing" Perry recalled telling his pals.

"Some of them got very far - and almost got the job".


Lucky for Chan Chan Man fans (see what we did there?), the actor soon realised he should get involved - and the role was quickly his. HOORAY!

You can watch the full video of him talking about it here:

Really, baggage handlers in the year 2197? Yikes.

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