McDonald's Asks Customers To Design Burgers, Absolute Chaos Ensues

It's like Boaty McBoatface, with cheese, porn and racism.

If you want your next project to be an EPIC f*** up, involve people on the internet.

From naming a sea vessel Boaty McBoatface, to sending Justin Bieber to North Korea, most companies know better than to actually engage with customers.

McDonalds NZ

Most companies aren't McDonald's New Zealand.

Setting up an uber cool website where you could build your own burger, name it and post it online for all to see, McDonald's thought their marketing ploy was infallible. 

Without further ado, check out their exciting new menu options, from 'Toddler Body Bag' to 'Ron's Creamy Surprise' via 'Harambe Is Gone Hahaha'.

They've been deleted for all eternity, of course - but screenshotted by some good soul for our viewing pleasure. God bless the internet. 

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