McDonalds' New Brunch Menu Means We're Moving to Taiwan

Incredibly important brunch-news from Taiwan.

Move over, fancy London brunch-spots, there's a new kid in town, as McDonalds (Taiwan) is introducing a new brunch menu, that includes everyone's favourite ham, egg and Hollandaise combo: Eggs Benedict.

We can think of nothing better than waking up at midday on a lazy Sunday (in Taiwan) and popping down to the local brand of (Taiwanese) McDonalds to partake in our weekly eggs benny. 

Yes fine, it's essentially an Egg McMuffin without the top slice of muffin, but the added hollandaise takes us a to a place that we've never been before (Taiwan).

While the limited edition brunch option is currently only available in Taiwan, we hope it's enough of a smash hit that Ronald brings it to the UK. 

Could this be the next step towards the ultimate goal: a full Sunday McRoast? We hope so.

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