McSpaghetti, And Other Weird Things You Can Buy In McDonald’s Overseas

Who the hell thought these would be a good idea?

From India to Serbia to America, if you fancy some of those McDonald’s salty fries, then you’ll most likely be able to find them wherever in the world you are.

Seeing as the company spans to many continents, it’s inevitable that its menu changes a little bit to fit the cuisine of the culture. Enter: weird af food that you’d never expect to see on the McDonald’s menu.

McSpaghetti, The Philippines

Yup, that’s pasta, but from your local McDonald's establishment. Apparently, the McSpaghetti was originally launched in Italy but crashed and burned (obviously because, what self-respecting italian would eat pasta from McDonald’s???), so they bought it out to the Philippines where it stuck. It is usually served with fried chicken… obviously.

McGazpacho, Spain


Nothing says McDonald’s like a cold tomato soup, right?

McWings/Fried chicken, almost everywhere that isn’t an english-speaking country


Perhaps there’s an issue with branching into KFC territory, or perhaps the people at mcdonald’s are just BLIND TO THE TRUTH but the only places you can get these are outside of the UK, US, Australia or any other english speaking country.

McPaneer, India


Vegetarian's everywhere are begging you to roll this out worldwide. Pls. 

McAfrica, Norway


So we're gonna go ahead and say this is pretty problematic. Do McDonald’s Norway know that the cuisine of a continent containing around 1.2 billion people varies slightly? Apparently, it was introduced in 2002 at a time when famines in parts of Africa were widely publicised, and was deemed pretty insensitive. It was then bought back in 2008 for er, no good reason.

McLobster, Canada and USA

Fancy dining out but don’t want to spend that dolla? Head to McDonald’s for a splendidly unethical lobster bun! This first came out in 1993, and now comes every summer to McDonald New England and Atlantic Canada. Cool.





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