Mel B Says Spice Girls Reunion WILL Happen, But ONLY If Posh Plays Ball

Geri confirms: 'There have been talks'. SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEE!

As if you weren't already counting down the days on your limited edition Spice Girls calendar, Mel B's given us another reason to celebrate the group's 20th anniversary. THEY ARE IN TALKS FOR A REUNION. ARGHHH.

The bolshiest of the bunch revealed that she's strong-arming the others into getting back together, as the milestone shouldn't pass without something special to mark it. Well, you can't say she's ever been scared of self-promotion.

Speaking on the Meredith Vieira Show, Scary Spice revealed: "Nothing has been announced, nothing's official.

'Yes, we are in talks, because it is our 20th anniversary, and I want something to happen'

Mirroring our borderline aggressive need for this to take place, she slyly added: 'It better...'.

"I'm working them a little bit - I've been saying it for five years. 'We are reuniting, aren't we? We are? We are? We need to!'

One fly in the spicy ointment might be Victoria Beckham, notoriously busy with running a hugely successful fashion label and being married to the sexiest man on the planet.

Mel B won't take no for an answer, insisting all five girls have to take part if there's a reunion. She also put paid to claims that they really fucking hate eachother, which was nice:

'[Victoria] is my friend, I love her to pieces. If we do something, it has to be all of us.'

'That's the whole point. As soon as there's something to actually announce, I'll be yelling it from the rooftops!'

Geri's been blabbing about a potential meet up, too - so you can officially start getting excited. Speaking on This Morning, Ginger Spice said:

'I can say that there's been talks. That's fair and honest.'

Come on Posh, get involved!