Michael Gove's Clapping Attempt Proved He's Actually A Robot

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Politicians are flesh-eating robots from outer space, this much we know. But when they're under pressure and/or in large crowds, AKA all the time, their human suits can slip to reveal the alien within.

Michael Gove, possible future Prime Minister of this country (fuck, did we just type that?), is subject to these unfortunate slip ups from time to time.

At the Conservative Party Conference in 2013, for example, he attempted the simple human action of 'clapping' and failed, miserably:

Positively hypnotic. It's important to remember transgressions such as these in times of trouble, if only to remind us that *we* are still human.

We recommend you keep going for at least 54 loops - it'll help you avoid at least one helping of the soggy shit sandwiches being handed out at the Great British picnic of life, then, now and always. Sigh.

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