Mike Hannigan Had The Glow Up Of The Century And We're So Proud

No one would dare call him Crap Bag now...

Mike Hannigan was never a minger. 

Sure, those scruffy locks and baggy jumpers never did him any favours...

But when we saw that he (or rather, Paul Rudd) recently did a photoshoot with Shortlist, we could not believe our eyes. 

Oh. My. God. 

We can't tell if it's the dapper suit or the glint of 'I did better than all of you' smugness in his eyes, but it's rather clear that Paul Rudd has won at life. Even if his TV wife Phoebe AKA Lisa Kudrow can't remember who he is. Awks.

HOW do you look this good?! HUH? Take off your shirt and tell us!

Watch All Of Phoebe's Best Moments Here: 

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