Minion Hate Has Gripped The Internet

They're not fluffy and people want them to die

Despicable Me’s tiny yellow ovals are adored by millions the world over…

But, as per Newton’s Third Law, for every action, there’s and equal and opposite reaction...

For some, they’ve become nightmarishly inescapable


And now people are taking to social media in droves to ensure the internet knows they despise these cute little tic-tacs aimed at children

Delivering lengthy sermons on the evils of Minions


Or to confess their own sins

But the backlash hasn't stopped there, with Minions actively being targeted in the streets

...And at home

Fare thee well, sweet Minion

History will absolve you

For you died for mankind's sins

Forgive them Minion Father, for they know not what they do

How could the beasts understand...

Creatures as noble and pure as Minionkind?

They debase your image, because they can't comparisons with their own reflections

Truly, a martyr's death. We salute you Minions. #RIP

This one is really satisfying, admittedly

If you too revel in the wanton destruction of these unavoidable little melts, head over to r/MinionHate for all your CGI sadist needs!