21 Misconceptions People Were Way Too Old To Believe

Cheese grew where?

When you're a kid, it's outstanding what you'll believe if it's told to you by an adult.

And who could blame you? Grown ups told us Santa Claus delivered presents to under the tree every year, and every Christmas morning there they were like magic.

But unlike Santa (who is 100% real), there's some stuff we believed for way, way too long. Like were-you-homeschooled-by-cats kind of weird.

Over on Reddit, people confessed the most outrageous things they still believed until far too recently.

The cheese tree

“I was convinced cheese grew on bushes till 12-13 years old. My brother is really proud of this.” - digdat0

The extinct buffalo

“I was raised in San Diego and when I was 26 I took a trip to northern Nebraska and in a bus ride to a river (to go tubing) I saw a giant ass buffalo. I had previously thought Buffalo were goddamn extinct like dinosaurs. To my ultimate surprise and after about 15 eye rolls from everyone on the bus, I learned they're just a regular animal that in fact roams home on the range.” - BreezieDahlia

The sun-moon

“I've known multiple people that thought the sun and the moon were the same thing, one was 20, the other 18.” - warm_cocoa

The mythical reindeer

“Thought reindeer were mythical creatures, like unicorns, that helped Santa at Christmas. Didn't realise until I was 18. My mum took me to see real reindeer that Christmas, my mind was blown.” - trolltollwhatyousay

The fire hose

“I always thought that if a guy didn't hold his penis while he was peeing, that it would whip around like a fire hose.
“Edit: For all those who asked, I'm a woman” - RubyRed93

The pre-Madonna

“That it's prima donna, not Pre-Madonna.. I always thought to myself that it was weird because I didn't think Madonna was THAT famous :S” - saarahpops.

The birds' nests

“That birds don't live in nests. Just for rearing their young. I learned that at the age of 72. And I have a PhD in biophysics. Not zoology. Never too late to learn.” - alanmagid

The fancy laundry

“I thought lingerie was a fancy word for laundry for way longer than i care to admit. Explains why my mates gave me a weird look when I told them I had to fold my lingerie.” - Jews_Are_meh

The Mr Bean

“As a kid I loved Mr. Bean. My mom took a trip to England to visit relatives and came back with an autographed postcard from him, I didn't realize until my twenties that it was in her handwriting. :/“ - FiveFourThreeNoseOne

The two noses

“I said to a friend "you've got some food on your nose", and he replied "which nose". He'd always thought that you had a left and a right nose, rather than nostrils.” - harrymarkes

The guy who'd never cooked eggs

“One of my mate realized when he was 17 that hard boiled eggs were not a different "variety" of eggs. He just assumed hens could make both kinds somehow…” - blackmumb

The baby horse

“That a pony actually isn't a baby horse. Like, at all.” - paperbackgarbage

The raw chocolate

“Growing up, my parents told me that cooking chocolate would make me really sick if I ate it uncooked. I avoided it until my probably early 20s when they offered me some and I declined quoting what they told me years and years earlier.” - 2007kawasakiz1000

The Womble

“I had my first serious boyfriend at 17. He was from Wimbledon. I asked him if he'd ever seen a Womble. I thought they were real, like a sort of rodent. I didn't think they really spoke and wore clothes - I just thought someone made a fantasy kids show about their lives.” - boyforsale

The queef

“I asked my drama II teacher if I could go to the nurse because I just queefed in the bathroom. Learned the hard way that's not same as throwing up.” - sebastiene2211

The vegetarian ducks

“That ducks are omnivorous. Growing up, we would always go down to the local lake/park and feed the ducks bread (yes, I know this is terrible for the ducks, now). It never occurred to me until i witnessed it that ducks ate fish. I was 26.” - Sorrytodd

The colour-changing fish

“I re-named a goldfish "rainbow" when I was 7 because it kept changing color every few months. I told friends about this fish for years like it was some mystical kaleidoscope fish. It hit me in the face a couple months ago that the fish wasn't changing color...my parents were just replacing it when it died without telling me.” - charles5511

The celibate chicken

“That a chicken doesn't have to get fucked by a rooster for them to make eggs. I lie awake at night pondering how I ever thought that.” - KickNalfas

The tooth fairy

“I somehow still believed in the tooth fairy long after knowing that parents made up santa claus. I found out whilst trying to sound grown up in a conversation with my older cousins, Them: "yeah, it's annoying how we have to keep the secret for our little brothers" Me: "yeah soooo annoying" Them: "same with the tooth fairy" Me: crushed.” - Kailiyan

The pineapple tree

“That pineapples don't grow on trees. I think I was 18? Turns out they just jut pompously out of the ground on stalks.” - nostep-onsnek

The lesbians

“What lesbians are. I thought they were from Romania. I was 17.” - TonyPepperonis

We'd like to tell them they weren't all totally wrong, but for the most part yeah - yeah they were.

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