Miss Watching Pokémon? Well Here's A Pokémon Watch

What's the time, Mr. Mime?

Pokémon was, and still remains, the greatest Saturday morning cartoon.

Where else could you see a boy going alone in the world, making amazing friends, and watching sentient super-powered animals shock the living shit out of each other? NOWHERE, THAT'S WHERE.

But, sadly, the days of watching Pokémon at a regular time are gone... Until now!

Luxury watch designer, Romain Jerome, made these two amazing timepieces as a gift to us ageing millennials, who miss Ash and the gang, but also need to be on time for our grown up business meetings or whatever.

The top end model features an enamel Pikachu behind the dial, a lightning bolt tourbillon (apparently it keeps the piece on time), and Pokémon blue and yellow detailing.

But don't go grabbing your wallets just yet, as the watch will set you back a whopping $204,000.

If you're not quite in a financial position to drop a small fortune on a watch, then you're in luck! Jerome has also designed a budget version, a steal at $20,000.

Personally, if it's a choice between a Pikachu watch and a flat deposit: Pikachu, we choose you!

Josh Pappenheim

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