This Artist Gave Classic Paintings A Hilarious Modern Upgrade

Would you live in the 17th Century if you could take your iPhone?

Look, dude, the 1600s would have been rotten to live in. You might SAY you want a world free from Kim Kardashian, people who pretend to like kale and Justin Bieber, but really, think of the gout. Think of that hottie you spied while off your tits on mead in the local tavern - when the honeymoon period wore off, they'd literally stink of piss. THINK OF THE BUBOES.

If you're still hankering for simpler times, where days consisted of herding about some livestock then drinking yourself silly in a local barn, or something, we can help you.

Or rather, Polish artist fotostyczna can, as she's inserted modern day peeps into 17th Century paintings, just for lols. They even took their smartphones with them. And look, they're even unhappier than you are (AND they have two years to live). 

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