Modern Hero DJ Artwork Gets Domino’s Delivered To His Train

He's off the rails.

When your parents looked you in your bright, four-year-old eyes and told you anything was possible if you simply believed, they were lying.

You'll never be able to afford a house, your boss told us she hates you, and your current lover is, on second glance, simply a well-proportioned garden gnome. 

But one thing you can do, if you not only believe but also have a smartphone and a reckless disregard for society's unspoken rules, is order a pizza to a moving train. 

This is what one rather famous DJ did. This is his story. 

It all started when Artwork realised his five-hour train from Glasgow to Sheffield had no food service on board. 

His first plan was reasonable, but relied on the kindness of strangers, which lol, no.

So he took the plunge.

Naturally, carefully planning every aspect.

Except the freaking toppings. THE DAMN PINEAPPLE-BREATHED FOOL.

The tension was absolutely horrendously real. (Can you imagine missing the pizza? Doesn't bear thinking about.)

But then... 


This isn't the first time the world has experienced such incredible scenes, however, as two years ago the comedian Chris Ramsey also did the same thing - BUT WITH MORE PIZZA. 

Together these two stories could make a brilliant book. We'll call it: the Bible. 

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