Mother Turns Daughter's Doodles Into Beautiful Embroideries

Embroiderdoodles! Geddit?

We never thought we’d see the day when embroidery went viral. It’s the pastime of 1950s housewives and little old ladies. But we were wrong.



Here we are in 2016, a year so terrible it makes us want to cry on a daily basis, and the loveliest, most gentle of hobbies has taken the internet by storm. It's kind of sweet when you think about it.

19-year-old Boston student Sidney Gish and her mum Susan have found success with their collaborative embroidered doodles.



Totally exploiting my mom's willingness to embroider anything I send her, she crafts like a fkn machine

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It all started when Susan sewed one of her daughter’s doodles from maths class (WHY WEREN'T YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO THE LECTURE, SIDNEY?). And now you can actually buy these works of art on Etsy. Susan’s even taking commissions to turn other people’s weird drawings into textile art. 

Basically, Susan’s sort of awesome. 

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