43 Modern Blockbusters Given Retro VHS Cover Makeovers

Blockbuster and chill?

You love movies, right? And you love looking to the past with a sad look on your face, thinking back to happier and simpler times, right? Come closer. We have something for you. Specifically, you.

@iamsteelberg / Via instagram.com)

Yes, you are looking at 21st Century blockbusters like Drive, It Follows and Deadpool restyled in VHS form. A Vancouver artist going by the bame of Steelberg (we see what they did there) does it for the love of movies - then and now.

He told Metro: "The project just kind of happened. I created one for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek about 6 months ago just as a test to see if I could pull it off. Then it kind of went from there.

This is all just part of who I am. It’s not about being nostalgic. It’s about being honest about what you’re into and focusing on that."

Hey, wanna rent Hateful Eight or The Revenant tonight?

Ugh, what we'd give to slot these into a VHS player and have to 'be kind & rewind' before handing them back to Blockbuster within 48 hours, else our mums would tell us off for getting them fined *again*.  

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