Mum Gets Locked In Toilet, Makes Hilarious Escape Video

"HELLLLP! I wish I was a little bit skinner".

Getting locked in a bathroom without a phone in your pocket is one of the modern day fears we all harbour - not least because that would rob us of the chance to make a hilarious, #viral attempted escape video, like this poor woman:

While she was doing her business, some poor sleep-deprived mother came in to change her baby, leaving the table down and this lady unable to open the cubicle door. So she did what every sane person would and instead of calling for help, she made some juicy content.

"This is me trying to get out of the bathroom. Somebody locked me in, I can't get out!"

"Heeellp. HELPPPP! i wish I was a little bit skinnier. Johnny you could get out of here but I can't.

Oh my god. I can't get out. How am I gonna get out? Tell me."

AND THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS, PEOPLE. She left us hanging like any content creator worth their salt would do. Will we ever know her fate? Who the hell is Johnny?! Stay tuned to find out (see, she's taught us some stuff too).

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