Mum's Prank On Daughter At University Goes Brilliantly, Hilariously Wrong


When McKenna Pilling's mum Deanna went to visit her at university, she thought it'd be hilarious to climb in her bed and take a selfie, letting her know she was a, definitely not one of those helicopter mothers you've heard so much about, b, about as lols as mums come, really, and c, perhaps a bit mad.

But her cunning plan backfired, when it quickly became obvious that she'd managed to trespass into a stranger's living quarters. And climbed into their cosy single.


Their text exchange went viral on Twitter and we really want to know how Deanna managed to accidentally break into someone else's room.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, McKenna said: “Every time I refresh my feed more retweets/favorites pop up, and now all my mom has to say is, ‘I wish I would’ve taken a better picture’.”

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