Murr Reveals Key Details About The Impractical Jokers 'Cross-Country Hidden Camera Movie'

"Who knows – we may be doing a UK premiere."

Impractical Jokers fans are gagging for more info on the hotly anticipated MOVIE coming our way, guaranteed full of jokes, pranks, belly laughs and... bellies. Now Murr AKA our fave ferret has spilled the beans (OK, *some* beans) to OK magazine...

TruTV / Comedy Central

1. The movie follows a journey 

"[It's like a] cross-country hidden camera movie – we’ve got to get from point A to point B, and along the way we do what we always do, which is compete in hidden-camera challenges. 

2. It ends with a HUGE punishment

“There’s multiple mini-punishments throughout, and then at the end there’s one giant punishment."

TruTV / Comedy Central


"What I can say is that it’s funny as hell – and who knows – we may be doing a UK premiere too."

4. There is no end to the punishments - except... death

“I assume death is probably a limit! The punishments are getting bigger and bigger as the show goes on – when you’re not getting punished, it’s the best day of your life."

Sounds AWESOME! Give us more!

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