11 Times J.K Rowling Was On Point


[subheader]1. Rowling is Charitable with Her-mione-y[/subheader]

J.K Rowling was stripped of her billionaire title in 2012 as she gave away hundreds of millions of pounds to charity. Incredible, especially as she went from living on state benefits to making millions in only five years.

[subheader]2. When social media provided Rowling for the premise for seven new books and she went with it[/subheader]

[subheader]3. The Neville Tightbottoms incident[/subheader]

Attitude magazine's published copy of Matthew Lewis showing his transformation from "Hogwarts to Hottie" ended in a Sirius (sorry, we had to) telling off by J.K.

[subheader]4. Dumbleburn[/subheader]

Justice warrior for the LGBT.

[subheader]5.She has mastered sass[/subheader]

Remember that time she killed off every character you loved and then made a joke about it?

[subheader]6. She called out Murdoch and made him look like a muggle[/subheader]

Not many will take on the media mogul but Rowling calls him out as a racist over the Charlie Hebdo debate, giving us all a lesson in defense against the old farts.

[subheader]7. She's still teaching us Latin[/subheader]

[subheader]8. She completely understands social media[/subheader]

[subheader]9. Dementors[/subheader]

As a sufferer of clinical depression Rowling personified depression into the form of a dark creature called Dementors (a mix of demons and torment) to be able to explain the mental illness better from a different perspective. She even created a spell that relied on the thoughts of happiness to overcome the "beast", but chocolate helps.

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[subheader]10.Troll in the twitter-sphere![/subheader]

The time Rowling destroyed a troll (without a wand) who attempted to body shame tennis champion Serena Williams.


[subheader]11.Every J.K Rowling quote[/subheader]

Quotes such as “Hope springs forever” may seem Ridikulus-ly cheesy but theres nothing Ron with them, they are uplifting and inspiring for a lot of fans.

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