Out Now: The Comedian's Guide To Survival

The Inbetweeners' Jay like you've never seen him before.

For a film that starts out with the lead character pissing themselves, this is pretty damn good. Meet James Mullinger, a hopelessly mediocre comic who just wants to make everyone laugh.

Based on the mundane experiences of your typical stand up with a pipe dream, 'The Comedian's Guide To Survival' takes you on a journey. To a deadbeat town, for a godawful gig, in a shithole of a pub, with five people in the audience... but a journey, nonetheless.

We nabbed five minutes with 'The Inbetweeners'' James Buckley, who plays the lead role as real-life comic James Mullinger (never heard of him? That's sort of the point) and asked him about everything from his worst hecklers to his advice to aspiring entertainers. 

With brilliant cameos from Jimmy Carr, Omid Djalili, Kevin Eldon, Gilbert Gottfried and Brendon Burns, this is a tale of great British mediocrity we can all relate to. Except the pissing yourself bit. Check out our interview with James above, and the full trailer below! 

'The Comedian's Guide To Survival' is out now.

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