NEVER GIVE UP, Jennifer Aniston Almost Quit Acting Before Friends

There's hope for us all.

Name one person who hasn't heard of Jennifer Aniston. GO.

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See? You just CAN’T. (No, your great Grandad doesn’t count.)

If, SOMEHOW, you haven’t seen her in Friends, then you’ve probs seen her in one of her big Hollywood movies - like the tear-jerking Marley & Me, or the whimsical Just Go With It. On TV and the big screen, she's stunned us with incredible acting skills.

But what if she hadn’t?

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As it turns out, before Friends, Jennifer was on the verge of giving up acting for GOOD.

Jen starred in the horror film Leprechaun, the teen film Camp Cucamonga, and another few television series such as Quantum leap, Herman’s Head and more… but none gave her the breakthrough she needed.

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Of course Jenn was tiring of this, wondering if her big moment would ever come. But during this period, Jen found herself at a petrol garage in LA when the head of NBC Entertainment, Warren Littlefield, was filling up his car.

Littlefield, who launched shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Frasier and Seinfeld spoke to The Huff Post about the meeting:

"[It's] 10:30 p.m. at night on Sunset Boulevard, I’m at the Chevron station gassing up and Jennifer is over at the other island and she comes over and she says, ‘Is it ever going to happen?’ and I say, 'We believe in you, I love you, I so believe in your talent, I’m sure it will.'

A few months later, we handed her the 'Friends' script."

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Honestly we’re sat here trying to imagine all these big Hollywood movies like Bruce Almighty, The Good Girl and Along Came Polly without her and we just find ourselves in a world where we don’t want to exist.

Thank GOD for Friends.

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