New Look Just Released A Range Of Friends Christmas T-Shirts

Here's to a lousy Christmas, and a crappy new year!

"If I kept it, it would be like stealing. Yeah, but if you spent it, it'd be like SHOPPING!" 


Wise words from Gal Pal Rachel Green, our favourite shopaholic, in Series 1 of Friends.

Rachel ALWAYS knew best when it came to making sartorial choices and we know she'd have gone gaga for the Friends-themed Christmas merch in New Look right now. 

New Look

There are two retro T-shirts on sale, both emblazoned with iconic Friends scenes, their styles lifted straight out of a 90s fashion catalogue.

All you need is a checkered red shirt (tied around the waist, like our fave waitress would wear it), tiny denim shorts and some thick socks to complete the ultimate Friends look.

New Look

What better gift to unwrap on 25th December? Here's to a lousy Christmas, and a crappy New Year! 

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