New Monopoly Pieces We'd Really Like To See

If we can't have the top hat anymore then we'll have these, please.

If you've never had a family falling out over an intense game of Monopoly, you haven't lived. Memories of dogs in jail, hats owning railway stations and irons billing us for utilities will haunt us forever.

But for a future generation, things will be completely different. That's right: the Monopoly pieces are changing.

And in their wisdom, Hasbro has decided to use a democratic process to choose the new game tokens. Because when has democracy ever been wrong?


Until January 31, Monopoly fans can hit up to select their favourite 8 options from 50 pieces in total, with the victors becoming the new standard.

The problem is, we think their choices are a bit... garbage. Sure, there are heaps of emojis, what is clearly a Facebook 'Like', a T-rex and a monster truck, but we're feeling a little underwhelmed.

To fix this, we've come up with eight pieces we think should definitely feature in the next edition of Monopoly. Somebody start a petition, stat. 

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