The #ChuckyEggChallenge And 13 Other Bizarre News Fails

When breaking news is broken news.

Today, presenters on BBC Breakfast have been chucking eggs at each other. Why? To celebrate the Six Nations. Even more confused? Yeah, us too.

Calling it the #ChuckyEggChallenge, they want viewers to throw eggs to one another with a rugby-style pass. You have to see how many you can do within 20 seconds, without the egg breaking. Riiiiight....

Clearly a slow day in the office.

However, this did remind us of other bloody weird things that have happened on the news before, starting with...

That time a giant blue penis appeared near Cornwall.

When the BBC revealed some weird new years plans

When there were some scary weather conditions

When they told us some interesting information about John Kerry

When a reporter swallowed a fly on air

When they claimed that 'frog' is a type of weather

When someone put a dildo in a reporter's ear

When they mistook a football player for Paul McCartney

When a newsreader tried to pretend that a ream of paper was an iPad

When they really needed to scrub up on their knowledge of political figures

When a guy had a really niche degree

When Obama was really concerned about owls

We're not actually convinved that this one is a mistake...